What Are Some Interesting Facts About Forests for Kids?

interesting-forests-kids Credit: Peter Muller/Cultura/Getty Images

A forest is a highly evolved, complex and constantly changing ecosystem made up of a variety of living and nonliving things, with trees making up the majority of living things. More animals live in the forest than in any other habitat on Earth. Forests contain more than 50 percent of the world's land plant and animal population.

Forests can be divided into three layers: canopy, understory and floor. The floor is comprised of dead small plants, soil and small animals like lizards, frogs and wolves. The understory is made up of small trees and bushes. Finally, the canopy is made up of the largest trees that dominate the forest, housing birds and monkeys.

Forests can be found on nearly ever continent in the world as different forests thrive in different climates. Forests are also home to many beautiful plants like trees, ferns and flowers. Although, deforestation, or the cutting down of the Earth's trees, is causing nearly 50 percent of the world's forests to rapidly disappear in order to build more cities and larger farms and to take care of animals people believe are pests. Plantation forests are helping to solve this issue. A plantation forest is planted by humans to replace the trees that are being cut down.