What Are Interesting Facts About the Element Platinum?


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Platinum is a transition metal that is also a precious metal. Pre-Colombian Indians from South America were aware of this element long before its discovery in the 18th century. Antonio de Ulloa is believed to be the scientist who discovered platinum in 1748.

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Although pure platinum may be present in nature, it is also found in minerals, such as sperrylite. Some physical properties associated with platinum are that it is a silvery colored, ductile and malleable element, which also has the atomic weight of 195.084 grams per mole. Its density is 21.46 grams per cubic centimeter.

Platinum has six isotopes that are found in nature. Some applications of platinum are in jewelry, catalytic converters, coinage and electrical contacts. This element's name is derived from the Spanish word "platina" that stands for silver.

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