What Are Some Interesting Biotechnology Topics?

One biotechnology topic is the genetic modification of crops. There are also a variety of biotech companies that are coming out with treatments for patients dealing with major illnesses such as breast cancer. There are even attempts to develop new drugs to save the lives of pets.

One aspect of agricultural biotech is the process of changing the genes of plants for better crop development. This process allows farmers to produce crops at cheaper levels. Biotech methods are used to make certain crops, such as cotton and soybeans, more resistant to herbicides. Genetic modification is also used to lower fats in cooking oil and enhance nutrients that fight diseases.

In the area of medicine, biotech investors are interested in companies that develop drug therapies for cancer patients. For example, the drug Neuvax treats breast cancer and tumor growth. These types of medicines disrupt molecules associated with cancer growth, and they are known as targeted cancer therapies.

Some biotech firms innovate therapies for dogs and cats. Drugs for cancer, diabetes and arthritis in people can be transferred to animals, and there are already certain medicines that treat humans and animals. For instance, the antidepressant drug Prozac is also known as Reconcile in the veterinarian world, and it is used to treat separation anxiety in dogs.