What Are Some Interesting Facts About Biology?


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One of the most interesting facts about biology is that its origins can be traced back to the fifth century, according to HistoryWorld. Alcmaeon is credited as the first scientist known to have practiced dissection. Anatomy, as well as botany and zoology are subdivisions of biology.

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The Greek philosopher Aristotle is also known as a pioneer in the field of biology. He attempted to develop a system of classification of living things and contributed to the earliest origins of zoology with careful observation of various birds, mammals, and fishes. Andrea Cesalpino, an Italian botanist, made a successful attempt at classification with the 1583 publication of “De Plantis.” He classified plants according to specific characteristics.

Leonardo da Vinci’s infamous series of anatomical drawings was based on the dissection of more than thirty human corpses. Studies of the human heart documented in these drawings suggest da Vinci may have been very close to uncovering the concept of blood circulation hundreds of years before the discovery became well-known.

The Italian biologist Marcello Malpighi was the first to use the microscope in his study of living things. Malpighi’s first discovery using this instrument was the observation of capillaries. This discovery contributed to the understanding of how blood circulates throughout the body.

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