What Instrument Is Used to Measure Sound?

A sound level meter is the instrument commonly used to measure sound. This instrument is used to measure noise pollution in a given area.

In addition to sound level meters, dosimeters and octave band analyzers can be used to measure noise levels, as well as identify specific sources of noise.

Sound level meters are often used in the workplace to evaluate the level of unwanted noise. They can also be put into action to locate noise sources and evaluate hearing protectors, as stated by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Dosimeters are also used in the workplace, mainly to quantify noise levels in order to comply with OSHA’s regulations. In doing this, the dosimeter can evaluate an individual’s exposure to the noise, and is then able to report the calculations related to any needed noise adjustments.

Octave band analyzers are used for detailed measurements of sound. They are useful when the frequency of the noise needs to be determined. The instrument uses filters to separate the noise frequencies, and from there, the components can be analyzed. The analysis of the sound yields information with regard to the effectiveness of set noise control protectors.

OSHA requires businesses to operate within accordance to their sound level requirements. These three instruments are helpful in determining the level and source of noise.