What Are the Instructions for a Carrier Thermostat?

Most Carrier programmable thermostats are adjusted either by touch screen or analogue buttons found on the face panel. These buttons adjust the day and time settings, and those settings have individual temperature settings saved to them.

Functions available for adjusting a Carrier thermostat settings vary between models, so users must consult the instruction manual for precise instructions.

Generally, thermostats have heating and cooling settings that may be adjusted by pressing the corresponding button. Once the setting appears on the thermostat screen, use the appropriate buttons to adjust the settings. To change the temperature for a specific area of a household, press the Zone button until the desired area is selected. Once selected, adjust the temperature according to preference. Once the temperature is selected, use the Time buttons to adjust how long this setting overrides the thermostat schedule. Pressing the Hold button for several seconds overrides the time limit as well, locking the thermostat on that setting.

To begin adjusting the schedule when programming the thermostat, press the Schedule button. Select the appropriate zone and day with the matching buttons, and adjust the temperature accordingly with the Temp + and Temp - buttons. Use the Time + and Time - buttons to select the start of the program.