How Do You Install Cellulose Insulation?


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There are two cellulose installation methods: blowing dry cellulose and spraying wet cellulose. The dry blown application requires adhesive netting to anchor the insulation. The wet spray application involves spraying the cellulose into a cavity where it expands as it dries, explains HGTV.

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Though the dry blown cellulose method does not always require professional help, it is a multi-step process that is easier to complete with professional equipment. First, it is important to ensure that the installation area is sealed from the air. Next, a machine breaks up the chunks of cellulose into smaller pieces. Finally, the machine blows the cellulose out through a hose into the installation area, according to Green Building Advisor.

The wet spray method works best for new construction or remodels. This method requires complete exposure of the spacing between the studs. A spraying machine mixes the cellulose with water and possibly a bonding agent. Next, the machine sprays the cellulose into the stud cavity, filling the space from back to front. After the cellulose insulation is dry, it may have expanded beyond the stud cavity. In this case, a scrubber shaves of the excess insulation, explains Celluspray.

There are specific guidelines regulating cellulose insulation in both methods. For example, cellulose insulation generally should not cover recessed lights. Also, cellulose insulation should be at least 2 inches away from attic chimneys that lack insulation with a mineral wool batt, according to SF Gate.

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