How Do You Insert a Male Catheter?


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According to the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations Skills website, hold the penis with one hand, and insert a lubricant gel into the urethra. Once lubricated, insert the catheter tip into the urethra, and advance it until urine starts flowing. Then, inflate the balloon and attach the catheter bag.

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Inserting a male catheter is a sterile procedure, so wash your hands and wear sterile gloves. The OSCE Skills website states that you should retract any foreskin and clean the penis around the urethral meatus. Hold the penis with a sterile swab while inserting the lubricant gel. Advance the catheter into the urethra while ensuring that your hand does not touch the penis in order for the catheter to remain sterile.

The catheter is fully inserted once urine starts flowing through it, notes the Queens University School of Medicine. At this point, inflate the balloon using saline. The volume needed for inflation should be given on the packaging, as it varies with the size of the catheter. Once inflated, attach the catheter bag which collects the urine. Gently pull back on the catheter so it can rest on the bladder neck, and make sure that the catheter bag is below the bladder level.

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