What are some insects that start with an N?


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Some insects that start with the letter “N” are native elm bark beetles and northern corn rootworms. Netwinged beetles are another insect that start with the letter.

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Native elm bark beetles are found in elms throughout Minnesota. The beetles are small, rarely growing more than one-eighth of an inch when fully grown. The beetles take over the elm trees and lay their eggs. The eggs can be found beneath the bark. This action is the precursor to Dutch Elm disease; a fatal disease responsible for decreased populations of the tree.

The northern corn rootworm is found on corn plants throughout the world. The insects only reach sizes of three-16ths of an inch and are more common in the Midwestern part of the United States. As the rootworm lays eggs, the eggs feed on the corn stalks.

The netwinged beetle is found as far west as Wyoming and as far north as Canada. This beetle lays its eggs on decaying plant life.

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