Which Insects Look Like Ladybugs?

insects-look-like-ladybugs Credit: Tim Flach/Stone/Getty Images

Multicolored Asian lady beetles are very similar in appearance to ladybugs. As the name suggests, they are native to Asia, though they are now commonly found in the United States as well.

Multicolored Asian lady beetles were purposely introduced to the United States in 1916 in an attempt to control other pest populations, according to the US Department of Agriculture. Though they are beneficial as a form of natural pest control, they are not usually welcomed house guests. When stepped on or angered, the multicolored Asian lady beetle releases a foul-smelling fluid that can stain upholstery and carpeting.

This insect is sometimes referred to as the Halloween lady beetle, according to Ohio State University. This is because the coloring on the beetle can be more orange than red, creating the look of a polka dotted pumpkin.