What Is the Insect With the Longest Average Lifespan?

The insect with the longest average lifespan is the African mound-building termite queen. The termite queen can survive for 60 years or more and lays about 35,000 eggs daily.

A vast majority of insects are cold blooded and are not able to survive the winter. They usually live for less than a year. A notable exception is the periodic cicada that lives for approximately 17 years. It remains in immaturity for almost its entire life under the ground and spends only the last few weeks as an adult in the sunlight. It has been estimated that there are 800 species of cicada, of which 100 are found in North America. The species of cicada that lives for 17 years is found in the United States while most of the other types live for only 2 years. One species of long-horned beetle lives longer than the cicada and they can survive for about 35 to 50 years in the larval form in dead wood.