How Do You Find Information About Wildlife Sanctuaries?


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An animal sanctuary is a place where animals can reside and are protected for the extent of their lives. Various agencies such as the American Sanctuary Association and World Commission on Protected Areas provide lists of accredited sanctuaries and information on the establishment and maintenance of these protected areas.

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The American Sanctuary Association and World Commission on Protected Areas have a similar mission but provide very different resources. While neither provides actual services, such as housing and feeding animals, they provide guidance and technical criteria for humane sanctuaries. Both organizations offer memberships to professionals interested in supporting their objectives.

The American Sanctuary Association is a non-profit accrediting organization for other non-profit organizations that provide sanctuary for homeless, abandoned and abused domestic and wild animals. A sanctuary must meet a very specific set of regulations and follow particular guidelines to be considered for accreditation. Sanctuaries that have been accredited are listed on the ASA website, with links to the individual organizations' Web pages as well as their addresses and phone numbers.

The World Commission on Protected Areas is an international organization that promotes the establishment of protected areas that are recognized worldwide. Its website provides a very detailed description of the various kinds of preserved areas and how to get involved or contribute to the organization's goals.

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