What Information Is on the National Center for Biotechnology Website?


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The National Center for Biotechnology Information website contains a wealth of biomedical and genome-related information, as well as associated resources that provide methods for accessing, utilizing and contributing to the data. Some specific areas covered include DNA and RNA, proteins, genes and mutations, and a comprehensive taxonomy. The NCBI site offers tutorials, help manuals and an introductory education covering the biotechnology discipline. In addition, the Center aggregates up-to-the-minute, biotech-related news and reports on recent research findings relevant to the field.

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The NCBI.nlm.nih.gov website consists of six central sections, divided as follows: Submit, Download, Learn, Develop, Analyze and Research. The Submit section allows individuals to add manuscripts or other materials to NCBI's vast storehouse of information. The Download section permits transfer of site data to personal computers. The Learn section offers access to support documents, plus opportunities for online class attendance and viewing of instructional videos.

The Develop section provides resources for the creation of original software applications via access to NCBI's proprietary code databases and collection of application program interfaces, or APIs. The Analyze section's tool identification functionality helps determine a selected resource's suitability for purposes of detailed data examination. Lastly, the Research section allows exploration of NCBI's extensive fact-finding efforts and collaborative endeavors within the scientific community.

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