What Information Is on a Hunting Moon Phase Chart?


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Solunar charts provide information on solar and lunar activity, including phases and major and minor times of animal activity, including dates, forecast and elevation, as well as moon data such as rise, set, overhead and underfoot times, and peak and low activity times. The charts include similar solar data.

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The sun and moon cycles may influence animal behavior, and understanding lunar phases may help predict animal activity and increase success at hunting. Animals are well in tune with their natural surroundings, and certain shifts in environmental forces such as the sun and moon trigger corresponding behavior changes in the animals.

Many fisherman chart their prime fishing times based on lunar cycles. Hunters can use this information to better anticipate their prey's actions. Many hunters believe that lunar cycles are the only dependable way to accurately predict deer activity. Some animals tend to be more active under the protection of night and many are known to be most active during full moons. Lunar cycles influence the reproductive cycle of a deer and understanding breeding seasons helps identify travel patterns and areas of increased activity.

By following these charts and appreciating the energetic forces that influence animals, hunters can decide on potentially productive times to venture out with a clear strategy, working with the flow of nature.

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