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The sun is the star that makes life on Earth possible. Comprising over 99 percent of the mass of the solar system, the sun is a G2 main sequence star. This means the sun is cool compared to other types of stars and that it's still turning hydrogen into helium at its core.

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The diameter of the sun is around 870,000 miles. Its surface temperature is 10,472 degrees Fahrenheit, and the core temperature is around 27,000,000 degrees F.

Besides the core, the three main features of the sun are the photosphere, the chromosphere and the corona. The photosphere is the surface of the sun and is made up of firestorms that can be 600 miles wide. Other features of the photosphere are solar flares and sunspots, which are cooler areas on the surface. The chromosphere is a thin layer above the photosphere that contains glowing gas spicules, fibrils and huge, fiery prominences. Above the chromosphere is the corona, which stretches millions of miles into space.

Because the sun is made of gas, its rotation is different at different latitudes. It takes the equator about 27 Earth days to make one rotation, while it takes from 28 to 32 days for other latitudes to complete a rotation.

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