What Are Some Facts About the Index Finger?

An interesting fact about the index finger is that in a man its length tends to be shorter than the ring finger when compared to a woman's index finger. When someone uses the index finger in a curled position to beckon another person, it can cause offense in certain Asian countries.

Similarly, in many Asian, African and Latin American countries, pointing with one's index finger at another person is an offensive or impolite gesture. In Africa, this gesture is utilized typically to point at an inanimate object.

There are many different scientific research studies on the ratio lengths between the index and ring fingers. In a 2007 research study on index to ring finger ratios in relationship to SAT scores, scientists found that both girls and boys with shorter index fingers than ring fingers had higher scores on the math section than the verbal part of these tests, states LiveScience. In this same study, researchers also found that girls with longer ring fingers than their index fingers did better on the verbal part of the SAT test.

Additionally, other studies on the ratio between the index finger and ring finger can show correlations to other traits, such as prostate cancer risks, attractiveness in men, penis size and the amount of testosterone a fetus is exposed to in the womb, notes LiveScience.