How Do I Increase My Bone Density?

According to a Time article authored by Lisa LaValle Overmyer, people who suffer from low bone density can keep their bones strong by eating certain foods and exercising. Human bones are being continually broken down and rebuilt, but after the age of 30, this process slows down quite a bit. Bones are broken down, and they are not built back up as quickly.

Low bone density leads to osteoporosis, which leads to broken bones. Osteoporosis is common in both men and women, but according to Overmyer, it can be prevented.

To increase bone density, it's important to eat foods rich in calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and potassium, says Overmyer. Calcium and vitamin D supplements are also recommended. Consuming less caffeine helps increase bone density. Drinks and foods with high caffeine content can interfere with the human body’s ability to absorb calcium properly. Without calcium, bones don't build up very quickly, and bone loss occurs.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages must also be kept to a minimum because alcohol can also interfere with calcium absorption. Overmyer also advises those who smoke tobacco to quit. Smoking regularly decreases bone mass and also interferes with the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Exercise is key when it comes to maintaining bone density, says Overmyer. Weight-bearing exercise, such as running, jogging and jumping rope, are best, but resistance exercises, such as weight training, are important as well.