What Are Some Important Uses of Turquoise?

The gemstone turquoise is valued by many civilizations and is mainly used for jewelry making and decoration. The decorative uses for turquoise vary from architectural adornment to tile making.

The use of turquoise in art spans many cultures. In the Middle East, it was used to accent the top of domed buildings, representing religious significance. However, it is recognized that Native Americans of the Southwest are masters at creating turquoise jewelry.

The Navajo tribe favors making silver jewelry with large stones that emphasize the natural qualities of the gemstone. Contrarily, the Zuni tribe carves the stone into shapes to create colorful mosaics. Both styles are admired and sought after by collectors and turquoise enthusiasts.

Turquoise also has spiritual and metaphysical uses. Certain cultures ascribe metaphysical powers to turquoise. Some people believe the precious stone enables them to communicate with spirits, bring good fortune and cure illnesses.

The New Age movement promotes turquoise as a gemstone that can generate positive energy and repel negativity. It is also believed that keeping the stone close or wearing it on the body can protect from sickness and reduce the negative impact of alcohol consumption.

Native Americans also ascribed metaphysical powers to turquoise and it was used often in ceremonies and religious rituals.