What Are Some Important Things to Recycle?

What Are Some Important Things to Recycle?

Some important things to recycle are aluminum, plastic bottles and glass. Appliances and other objects that contain steel are also important to recycle because recycling steel saves energy and conserves natural resources.

Soda and juice cans are 100 percent aluminium, which is recyclable over and over again without introducing new materials in the refining process. Recycling a soda can into a new aluminum can takes only 5 percent of the energy necessary to manufacture a new soda can, according to Earth Eats. When consumers recycle aluminium cans, manufacturers create more cans without having to mine more iron ore. Manufacturers make more than just cans with recycled aluminum. Innovators also use recycled aluminum to make furniture and handbags.

It is also important to recycle paper of all grades, including cardboard and printing paper. As much as 33 percent of municipal waste is paper and paper products, according to Earth Eats. Recycling paper saves trees and water resources that manufacturers need to make new paper.

Plastic is another important material to recycle. Manufacturers turn recycled plastic into a variety of objects, which keeps them from needing to mine oil and natural gas to make new plastic. Because plastic does not biodegrade, recycling plastic saves room in landfills and reduces the human footprint on the environment.

It is also important to recycle computers because computers contain valuable components and take up relatively large amounts of space in landfills. Glass is another important thing to recycle because recycling glass saves energy.