What Is Important for Kids to Learn About Jane Goodall?


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Children should be aware of Jane Goodall's career as a primatologist, ethologist and anthropologist, which includes her extensive studying of chimpanzees. They should learn about her discoveries surrounding chimps' group-based living. This includes her immersive observation techniques, such as spending time directly living in a chimpanzee troop. Children should also be aware of her work with the Jane Goodall Institute, which focuses on research and conservation efforts targeting the environment.

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Learning about Goodall's groundbreaking revelations regarding chimpanzees' ability to create tools, which changed humans' previous view of being the only species capable of doing so, is another topic children should be educated about. Goodall also discovered a distinction between different chimps' personality types, including an ability to be generous or to be bullies. Children can also learn about her findings of chimpanzees' communication skills, such as their use of facial expressions.

Goodall demonstrated great attachment to her research subjects, including an unusual willingness to assign names rather than identification numbers to animals. Kids should learn about her ongoing advocacy for animal rights and the awards she has received as a result, including the 2002 title of United Nations Messenger of Peace. Additionally, shildren can learn about fun facts such as the plaque and chimpanzee carving in Disney World next to the Tree of Life that honors Goodall's work.

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