What Are Some Important Earthquake Safety Tips?


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Some earthquake safety tips include having a readiness plan, consulting a professional to observe the property and keeping a supply of first aid equipment and food in case of emergency. It is important to keep the family aware of what to do in case of an earthquake and to know all of the possible situations that may arise, according to National Geographic.

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Consulting a professional to study the property is important so that the professional can inform the customer if the home is sturdy enough to support itself in the event of an earthquake and that furniture such as bookcases and closets are bolted to ensure they do not fall and harm somebody. An emergency earthquake plan should include having a safe place for the family to hide that provides enough support and room for everyone.

Provisions for an earthquake should include food in a can and water in case the earthquake prevents power from flowing into the house. An up-to-date first aid kit is important in case any person in the house sustains an injury. The emergency plan should include staying away from the windows in case they break, staying away from furniture that may fall, and dropping down and taking cover. Every member of the household should know the plan.

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