Why is it important to conserve energy?


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Conserving energy is important because using non-renewable energy sources has a detrimental impact on the environment. The total effect of these environmental changes has led to global warming at a level that threatens the long-term stability of life, according to National Geographic.

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People use non-renewable sources of energy almost every day. When lights, appliances and electric heating and cooling devices are powered using electricity that comes from coal-fired power plants, the resulting emissions harm the surrounding air quality. Gasoline burned by vehicles sends pollutants into the air. Conserving energy by using less electricity and minimizing the use of gas-burning transportation leads to fewer toxins entering the environment. It also reduces demand for the use of non-renewable energy.

It is impossible to reduce energy consumption to zero because of the lifestyle needs that people have in modern society. However, converting from non-renewable energy sources to renewable ones reduces the negative impact of energy consumption on the environment. Electricity that comes from solar panels or wind turbines does not release toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Changing from gas-powered to electric-powered vehicles or gas-electric hybrids also reduces harmful emissions and contributes to higher air quality. These conservation measures can help to slow the trend of global warming.

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