How Do You Find Images of the Human Brain?


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Find high-quality images of the human brain by performing a simple Google image search or going to a scientific Web page such as NationalGeographic.com. Clear medical photos of real human brains are available, depending on the kind of image you need.

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How Do You Find Images of the Human Brain?
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There are a wide range of brain images available on the Web. These images range from colorful hand-drawn diagrams of the brain to complex magnetic resonance images taken using the most powerful medical technology in the world. NationalGeographic.com has a page on the human brain that contains a slide-show of seven images. This slide-show contains a side-view image of a human brain, a computer-generated image of a neuron and an image of a slice of the human brain. Each image in the slide-show has a dedicated section with useful information.

For more advanced pictures, there are high-quality 3D images of the brain that surgeon Dr. Albert Rhoton, Jr., has collected over many years and has made available on iTunes University for free. An article on LiveScience.com explains that bright blue and red dyes were used on the brain in order to make the blood vessels more visible. These dyes allow surgeons to plan more precise approaches to their surgeries.

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