What Are Igneous Rocks Used For?


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Igneous rocks are often used for construction because of their durability. Igneous rocks can also be separated to access the various valuable metals and minerals inside them. Igneous rocks form as magma comes to or near the surface of the Earth; cooling and hardening because of its distance from the inner parts of the Earth where magma forms.

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What Are Igneous Rocks Used For?
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Almost 95 percent of the surface of the Earth is composed of igneous rock, and scientists have found more than 700 different types of igneous rocks. Pumice is an igneous rock with many cosmetic applications. Because of its gently abrasive nature, it is used as an ingredient in toothpaste, as well as some other cosmetic products. It also often goes into the mix when manufacturing cement. With regard to construction, basalt is one of the most durable igneous rocks and often plays a role in construction projects.

For more impressive structures ranging from gravestones, counter tops and statues to large buildings serving as public landmarks, granite has long been a popular choice. It has a glassy texture that allows the beautiful colors from within to shine through and catch the eye. For those looking for the silver, chromium, gold and other precious metals inside rocks, gabbro is a popular choice.

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