What Are Some Ideas for Recycling Bin Covers?


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One idea for a recycling bin cover is to use a cover that is a soft, bendable material such as nylon or another type of cloth. Using a cloth cover allows the bag to bend to fit the shape and size of the objects inside, which makes it easier to fit recyclable materials in the bin and transport the bin to the pickup location.

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Another idea for a recycling bin cover is to build a cover that artistically blends with the landscaping in the area. For example, a person can paint pieces of wood to match the color of flower boxes or to match the color of the home or apartment. The recycling bins then sit in the wood container, out of sight to visitors. To create this model of cover, the builder nails pieces of wood together to create whatever size cover he wishes for the recycling containers.

Cloth covers are durable and washable, for easy maintenance. The owner can remove the cover from the recycling bin for easy washing. Some models of cloth recycling bin covers come with handles for easy carrying.

Another idea for a recycling bin cover is to use a plastic cover that either snaps on top of the recycling bin or fits snugly around the bin's handles. A rigid plastic cover, made to the specifications of the recycling bin, snaps into place for added security, while a cover made from flexible plastic fits around the shape of the recycling items and hooks underneath the recycling bin's handles, much like a person wears a shower cap. Both types of plastic covers prevent recyclable items from blowing in the wind or falling prey to animals rummaging for food.

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