What Are Some Ideas for Mole Day?

Mole Day is a chemistry-related event that revolves around Avogadro’s Number, a common measuring unit. Some ideas for celebrating with students are to throw a party themed around the mole animal, baking cookies or a cake, and calculating the chemical reactions that contribute to it or simply making crafts.

Associating parties and celebration with learning helps students develop a positive association with education. A Mole Day party should have many of the common elements of a party: snacks, drinks and a casual atmosphere throughout the class period. Use the mole animal as a mascot for the party by bringing in a stuffed mole, or placing pictures of them throughout the classroom. Play chemistry trivia games during the party to work in some study practice along with some fun.

Baking is a fun way to celebrate Mole Day because students enjoy eating the final products. A mole-shaped cake or molasses cookies are perfect recipe ideas, though any type of baked good works. Have the students calculate and explain the various reactions that take place during the baking process to demonstrate a real world example of chemistry.

For younger students, making mole arts and crafts projects is a simple way to introduce the concept of Mole Day. The students can draw pictures of moles or make construction paper mole masks.