What Are Some Ideas for an Egg Drop Experiment?

Some ideas for an egg drop experiment include packing the egg in cereal, suspending the egg over a box with panty hose and placing the egg within a stack of Styrofoam cups. All of these constructions allow the egg to fall from a substantial height without breaking.

The cereal method requires several plastic bags and a generous quantity of cereal. Students place the egg in one small bag surrounded by cereal. Next, they fill four or five other small bags with cereal. Finally, the experimenters place all the small bags in a larger bag, with the bag holding the egg situated in the center, cushioned from impact.

With the pantyhose method, students cut off one leg of hose and insert the egg into the center, securing it with a rubber band at each end of the egg. The students then stretch the hose tightly and staple the material across the top of an empty box, so that the egg is cradled in the center. If the egg is secured tightly, it survives a drop.

The Styrofoam cup method involves placing a heavy rock or other weight in the bottom of one cup. Students then place seven or eight other cups on top of the weighted cup, with the egg placed in the top cup and the whole stack secured with tape. The weight of the rock prevents the cups from falling sideways, and the other layered cups absorb the impact.