How Have Humans Impacted the Tundra Biome?


Humans have impacted the Tundra Biome in a variety of ways. While there have been positive changes in the Tundra, most have been devastating. Global warming has led to ozone depletion, the melting of the permafrost and the decimation of the local wildlife.

Although humans have brought economic growth and jobs to the region due to the abundance of natural fuels in the area, tapping into these resources has come at a price. Oil spills have disrupted the natural balance of the ecosystem, resulting in many animal lives lost. Increased human population and the addition of industry to the area has also resulted in significant air pollution, while roads and development projects have left natural animal habitats fragmented.

As an extremely biodiverse region, the Tundra has offered a great deal when it comes to biological research and unraveling the fragile nature of ecosystems. However, the amount of diversity present is beginning to dwindle as climate change and global warming take hold. Not only does the heat generated from human life create problems in the area, the hole in the ozone coupled with global warming ensures that the Tundra becomes increasingly warmer, resulting in the loss of many plant and animal species.