Are Humans Destroying the Planet?

Thomas Davis/Moment/Getty Images

Although human beings may not be capable of fully destroying the earth, their daily activities are causing enough harm to the planet that it may become uninhabitable for humans for a long while. Human beings have also developed destructive technology such as nuclear weapons that, if used in their full capacity, may also make the earth uninhabitable for a long time for many creatures, including humans.

Over the past 250 years, the activities of humans have caused enough harm that they may lead to dramatic environmental changes. Such changes, including drastic changes in the climate, the rising of the seas and damage to the ozone layer, which protects against deadly ultraviolet radiation from the sun, may make the planet uninhabitable for human beings. According to Climate Central, much of the human-caused damage to the earth’s environment is due to the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases, which include the emission of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels and methane from livestock production. Greenhouse gases are dangerous because they absorb and emit harmful radiation and are the primary cause of the greenhouse effect, in which harmful gases are trapped in the atmosphere causing increased warming.

Fortunately, the earth has great power to heal itself. If damaging activities subside or the causes of these activities disappear, in time, the Earth will undo the harm it has sustained. . So while humans may not ultimately be destroying the earth in the long run, they might be making it uninhabitable, at least for some time.