If a Human Skill Cell Has 46 Chromosomes, How Many Chromosomes Will Each New Skin Cell Have After Mitosis?

human-skill-cell-46-chromosomes-many-chromosomes-new-skin-cell-after-mitosis Credit: Cultura Science/Alvin Telser, PhD/Oxford Scientific/Getty Images

Human skin cells reproduce continuously, and each daughter cell carries a complete set of 46 chromosomes. Nucleated somatic cells, which make up the body and carry a complement of DNA, all have the same number of chromosomes as their parent cells.

The cells in the human body only undergo division when their DNA has been fully duplicated. Once the second string of DNA has been assembled, the cell divides into a pair of cells with roughly equal amounts of cytoplasm and organelles. This process leaves the cells of the body with full, identical complements of genes. Only germ-line cells undergo partial separation and carry 23 chromosomes.