What Are Some Human Physical Features?

What Are Some Human Physical Features?

Human physical features include having a large brain that accounts for 20 to 25 percent of energy usage, a spine that allows for a bipedal stance and hair that stands on end when it gets cold. While there are many similarities between humans in terms of physical features, there is also a lot of diversity within the species.

Some common human physical features include walking upright, larger brains and hair that covers the body. Humans are able to adopt a stance that lets them walk upright. This is an evolutionary adaptation that took place during millions of years.

Compared to other animals, humans have large brains. Although they only account for 2 percent of the body's mass, they consume 25 percent of its energy.

Humans feature a thin covering of hair across their bodies. When it gets cold, or when something surprises them, this hair stands on end. Goose bumps become visible when this happens.

While there are many features that separate humans from other types of animals, there is a lot of diversity within the species . For example, skin color can vary according to where a person is from or how often they move around. There are areas of sub-Saharan Africa where very dark skin is common, and in contrast Aboriginals have a yellowing brown skin that arose from their nomadic nature.