Where Are the Best Human Body Anatomy Charts Found Online?


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Online human anatomy charts are available from Inner Body and Healthline. The Inner Body chart is a static two-dimensional image that displays overlays of 11 different major organ systems of the human body. In contrast, the Healthline charts is a three-dimensional image that can be rotated.

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Where Are the Best Human Body Anatomy Charts Found Online?
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The Health Line human anatomy image features eight major organ system overlays, displaying the skin, muscular, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, reproductive, skeletal and nervous systems. It also divides the actual model into areas, depending on which organ system is chosen. Human skin, also known as the integumentary system, is divided into the head, neck, chest, arm, elbow, forearm, hand, abdomen, pelvis, leg, knee and foot regions of the body.

Clicking on an organ system of the human body of the Inner Body website image brings up information and specific parts of the system. The skeletal system tab, for example, displays the human skeleton. Scrolling over particular areas of the body highlights the components of that area. The image divides the human body into five areas: the head, arms and hands, upper abdomen, lower abdomen and legs and feet. Depending on which area is scrolled over, an informative article pertaining to that anatomical component is displayed on the right.

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