Where Do Honey Badgers Live?


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Honey badgers typically live in arid parts of Africa and Asia. In Africa, their range extends from Morocco to the southern end of the continent. In Asia, they are found in Nepal, western India, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and parts of the Caspian Sea coast. They are also found in forests and grasslands.

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Honey badgers are strong swimmers and climbers, which makes them well suited for a variety of terrain. They live at sea level in many areas but can be found in mountain ranges at elevations of up to 13,000 feet. Their ability to adapt to a wide range of habitats is part of the reason they are not endangered or threatened despite their conflicts with humans. Honey badgers often raid poultry farms and commercial beehives for honey, and they are also hunted for meat. Honey badgers can eat a variety of meats and vegetation, which also helps them adapt to diverse environmental conditions.

Honey badgers typically live in underground dens. They can dig burrows up to 9 feet long and 5 feet deep. These burrows usually consist of a narrow tunnel that ends in a single, larger chamber, where the honey badger sleeps. However, depending on the area, honey badgers may also make use of natural dens like hollows under rocks or tree roots. Honey badgers also sometimes take over the dens of other animals, including aardvarks, foxes, termites and mongooses.

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