What Are Homemade Magnets?


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Magnets that can be made easily from material found at home are called homemade magnets. These are very small and weak magnets. They are primarily for having fun and teaching children about magnetism.

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What Are Homemade Magnets?
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Homemade magnets are in the form of bar magnets, paperclip magnets, magnetic needles and electromagnets. To make a magnet at home, one strong magnet and magnetic materials such as iron, steel or copper are required.

Rub a paperclip rapidly against a magnet several times, and it will gradually transforms into a magnet. The rubbing must be done in one direction only. To make an electromagnet, a battery and copper wire are required. The copper wire is wound around a nail, and electric current is passed through it from the battery. The nail begins to behave as a magnet.

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