How Will Holograms Help NASA Explore Mars?


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Holograms can help scientists virtually explore Mars as an immersive augmented reality experience, allowing scientists to effectively walk around a visual recreation of Mars's surface. This technological development, which can be attributed to both NASA and Microsoft, allows scientists to remotely collaborate by joining the same hologram session.

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How Will Holograms Help NASA Explore Mars?
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Using visual data gathered by Mars rovers, scientists can project large images onto walls, effectively turning a room into a Mars simulation. This can allow scientists to study geographical features, including rock formations and patterns in rock weathering, in greater detail.

The computer program, which is known as OnSight, requires scientists to wear a headset with eyepieces. This will be useful in groups, because the eyepieces show where each participant is looking at a given time, making collaboration easier. Scientists will be able to move around in a realistic environment, kneeling to take a closer look at something in the same way they could in real life.

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