What are the highest sublevel electrons in the element promethium that an f-block element occupies?


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As a member of the lanthanide series, promethium contains 5 electrons in its 4f sublevel. Each f sublevel contains 7 orbitals with a maximum capacity of 14 electrons. Promethium's ground state electron configuration is [Xe]4f5 6s2.

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Promethium is element number 61 on the periodic table and is not a naturally occurring element. Its existence was not confirmed until 1945 when small amounts were isolated from the breakdown of uranium in nuclear reactors. Promethium's two known isotopes, Pm-145 and Pm-147, are radioactive and have half lives of 17.7 and 2.6 years respectively. Pm-145 is used in miniature batteries found in certain watches, radios and guided missiles.

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