What Is the Highest Annual Snowfall in the United States?

The highest annual snowfall in the United States occurs in the Cascade Mountains in western Washington, with a total of 671 inches, according to Current Results. The weather stations at Mount Rainier and Mount Baker measure deeper snowfalls than any other location in the country on an annual basis.

Two of the U.S. locations with the top annual snowfall are in the Cascade Mountains, five are in the Rocky Mountains, two are in the California Sierras and one is in Alaska. The top snowfall in the United States is the 671 inches received at Mount Rainer's Paradise Station in Washington. Following behind it are the 546 inches received at Alta, Utah; the 483 inches received at Crater Lake Park Headquarters in Oregon; the 411 inches received in Brighton, Utah; and the 407 inches received at Echo Summit, Calif.