What Are Some High School Chemistry Research Topics?

One high school chemistry research topic deals with atomic and molecular structure, specifically the discovery of the electron. Another research topic concerns detailing factors that affect the chemical reaction rate, such as temperature and various catalysts.

In 1904, Sir Joseph John Thomson discovered the electron. Some factors to research about this discovery are his use of the cathode ray tube, how it works and what characteristics he noticed when observing the rays that made him theorize that there was evidence of smaller components inside an atom. An additional topic is to research how Thomson created a model of the atom based on his discovery and how accurate that model is compared to what is known today.

When researching the factors that affect the chemical reaction rate, it is useful to provide examples as each factor is presented. For example, when discussing how temperature affects the reaction rate, discuss how a compound responded the each 10 degree Celsius increase or decrease. Other factors to consider are the medium used in the reaction and the presence of catalysts and competitor catalysts. In general, any factor that causes an increase or decrease of particle collisions is going to alter the reaction rate. When researching this topic, be specific about the compounds and criteria used for determining the outcome.