What Are Some Herbs and Their Uses?


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Some herbs and their uses include ashwagandha to boost the immune system, black cohosh to lessen the symptoms of menopause, calendula to encourage healing and catnip to relieve tension and anxiety. Each of these herbs are thought to promote healing or aid in pain management in some way.

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When boiled in water, the root of ashwagandha makes a tea. Once the tea steeps, the excess herbs should be removed. This herb is used to reduce stress, boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. For best results, this tea is drunk once or twice a day.

The most common use of black cohosh is for lessening symptoms of menopause. This herb is also taken to help relieve cramps during menstruation and for arthritis pain. One possible side effect is damage to the liver; however, this hasn't been proven.

Calendula can be steeped in water to make a tea or made into an ointment. When ingested orally, this herb helps with mouth, stomach and throat inflammation. Place the ointment onto rashes and wounds to encourage faster healing. Consumers can drink the tea as needed and use the ointment two to three times per day.

Many herb users make a tea with catnip and use it to soothe an upset stomach, relieve stress and lower anxiety and tension. Drink this tea up to twice a day as needed.

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