What Are the Herbivores and Omnivores of the Tropical Rain Forest?

Herbivores and omnivores that live in tropical rain forests include the African forest elephant, Sumatran rhinoceros, chimpanzee, golden lion tamarin and Linn's sloth. Other herbivores and omnivores include the orangutan, proboscis monkey and slender loris.

Many omnivores can be found in the rain forest, including the common palm civet and the golden lion tamarin. The common palm civet is an omnivore that dwells in the rain forests of southeast Asia. This small rodent weighs between 4 and 11 pounds and has a gray or brown coat. It not only feeds on fruits and seeds but also eats insects and small animals. The golden lion tamarin is native to the Amazon rain forest. It is characterized by its thick, golden coat and mane-like ruff of fur around its head.

Herbivores found in rain forests include the Sumatran rhinoceros and the African forest elephant. The Sumatran rhinoceros lives in the rain forests in southeast Asia and subsists on mangoes, figs and bamboo. The African forest elephant is distinct from the other two species of elephant and lives in the rain forests of Africa. This species is considered a pygmy elephant because it is much smaller, only reaching up to 8 feet, than its cousins that roam on the savannas.