What Is the Heaviest Planet?

heaviest-planet Credit: Fuse/Getty Images

Jupiter is the heaviest planet in this solar system. The planet is primarily made up of very light gases, but it contains the most mass.

Jupiter is made up of a gigantic ball of liquid and gas. Jupiter consists mainly of helium and hydrogen, which are the lightest elements on the periodic table. However, at 1.90×10^27 kilograms, this planet has the most mass of any planet in the solar system. Jupiter is the not only the largest by planet by mass, it is the largest by volume and surface area with a volume of 1.43128 x 10^15 km^3 and surface area of 6.1419 x 10^10 km^2 with a mean circumference of 4.39264 x 10^5 km. It would take around 1,000 Earths to meet Jupiter's volume.