What Are Some Heat Energy Experiments for Kids?

Some heat energy experiments for kids include "make a thermometer," "heat convection in liquids" and "energy from the sun," according to Energy Quest. Students can also learn about saving heat energy though experiences such as "Cool House," where kids study how shade trees keep homes cool.

Kids can study heat convection in liquids using a clear container, water, freezer, coffee mug, blue food coloring, spoon and dropper. Add water to the clear container and cool it in the freezer for 15 minutes. Add 1/4 cup hot water to the mugs, then add 10 drops of blue food coloring and stir. Take the container from the freezer and add two drops of the blue water to the bottom. Observe how the hot blue water rises to the surface and then mixes with the cold water as it cools.

Other heat energy experiments for kids include "heat from light bulbs," "solar-powered hot dog cooker" and "infrared-hot," notes Energy Quest.