What Is the Head of the Carbon Family Known As the Basis of Life?

head-carbon-family-known-basis-life Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

Carbon is the head of the carbon family that is known as the basis of life. It is the head of a family of many different elements and is one of the most common elements that is found on Earth.

Since carbon is one of the most common elements on earth, it is unsurprising that it is the head of an elemental family. Other elements that are in the carbon family include silicone, lead, germanium, tin and flerovium. These elements are major elements in the world and make up a large part of the environment. These elements also generally stem from the same components as carbon and are in the same family.

The majority of chemicals that are in the carbon family are used for heating. Tin and lead are metal elements that are found in many applications throughout the world. They are generally used in the construction of homes and cars and in the manufacturing of commercial goods. Lead can also be found in applications such as pencils but is less commonly used for other products due to concerns about lead poisoning. The only element in the carbon family that is not used for building or as a heating source is flerovium. It was only fairly recently discovered and has only been in the family since 1998. It is a short-lived element and is extremely radioactive.