Is HC2H3O2 a Weak or a Strong Acid?

HC2H3O2 is a weak acid. It has an acid disassociation constant or Ka value of 1.74 times 10 to the power of minus 5, indicating that it ionizes poorly. Another name for HC2H3O2 is acetic acid.

Though categorized as a weak acid, HC2H3O2 can be corrosive in concentrated form. Acetic acid, which is colorless with a pungent odor and sour taste, is a simple carboxylic acid used in the manufacturing of synthetic fabrics, polyvinyl acetate and cellulose acetate. Its diluted form is commonly used as a descaling agent in households. HC2H3O2, which is labelled as E260, is used as an acidity regulator in the food industry. Vinegar is made from 3 to 5 percent of HC2H3O2 by volume.