Is It Hard to Change the Rear Brakes on a Car?


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It is not difficult to change the rear or brakes on a car. The materials required include new brake pads, WD-40, all-purpose grease, brakleen, stands, a socket to screw the piston back into and Impact Driver, which can be easily purchased from NAPA or Sears, as of 2015.

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Is It Hard to Change the Rear Brakes on a Car?
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First, place the vehicle on the jack stands, and remove its rear wheels. Next, loosen the bolts holding the rear brake caliper in without removing them entirely. Avoid disconnecting the brake line and hang the caliper in a convenient location, such as a previously set-up bungee cord.

Next, clean the brakes as thoroughly as possible. This is important because dust builds up, which can affect the performance of the brakes, including cooling. Next, use the brake pistol tool to fully screw the piston back in. This may require loosening the bleeder screw so that the piston can fully turn. Carefully align the piston so that the pad fits tightly. Next, fully tighten the bleeder screw and bolt the caliper bracket back up, taking care to place the 14 mm on the top and the 17 mm on the bottom.

Slide the brake pads onto the bracket, and then slide the calipers over the pads. Place the 12 mm bolts back onto the caliper, and tighten them. Finally, ensure everything has been properly tightened.

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