What Happens If People Do Not Recycle?


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If people do not recycle, toxins may be released into the environment, waste may create an eye sore, animals may be endangered, governments may lose revenue opportunities, human lives may be endangered and regions may lose their tourist attraction destinations. Recycling refers to the process of renewing or remaking a used product into something that can be used again.

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One of the things that may happen if people do not recycle is that the government may lose out on revenue opportunities. Recycling processes are able to create employment for people and generate significant revenue for the government.

Another thing that may happen is that the economy of a region may suffer. If a region is filled with dirty plastic and other waste materials, tourists are unlikely to visit the place. Everyone likes visiting areas with clean, beautiful sights.

If waste is not recycled properly, it may introduce harmful toxins into the water or land. This may cause marine animals to die, while toxins that penetrate the soil may cause stunted growth to plants or make the area infertile, hence unable to support plant growth. People and animals that drink affected water may equally be in danger of losing their lives.

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