What Happens If a Man Is Given Female Hormones?

Males given female hormones see very little immediate effect, according to TransGenderCare. However, if hormones are taken regularly over the course of several years, a male taking female hormones can expect physical feminization of the body, decreased sexual function, infertility, and a possible change in cardiovascular health.

There are some physical changes that one might expect from hormone therapy, but that do not occur, explains TransGenderCare. For instance, hormone therapy has little effect on the subject's beard hair. The facial hair may be lighter and thinner at the peak of therapy, but separate physical hair removal is required to entirely rid the person of facial hair. The other major unaffected area of transitioning is voice. Hormone therapy does not have a major feminizing effect on the vocal cords. It does, however, prepare the body for an easier time changing the voice through vocal practice.

There are some other factors that may not work out ideally in hormone therapy, says TransGenderCare. Breasts are generally not as developed in those who undergo hormone therapy than they are on a genetic woman. Breasts larger than a B cup are very rare. Some body hair may remain. The skin may appear loose for some time after the loss of muscle mass. These issues, however, may all be overcome and should not severely hamper the transition process if handled correctly.

None of these effects happen instantly, and all results take several years of consistent physical therapy and hard work to show desired results, according to TransGenderCare.