What Happens If You Lengthen Your Telomeres?


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As of 2015, lengthening the telomeres may lower the risk for developing chronic diseases and possibly extend an individual's lifespan, states the University of California San Francisco. This can be accomplished through nutritional intervention and lifestyle choices.

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Telomeres constitute the distal portion of chromosomes comprising the genetic material. These structures are said to influence the rate of cellular aging. A healthy diet, proper exercise, stress management and a supportive social network may lead to longer telomeres, based on a preliminary investigation by scientists at the University of California San Francisco and the Preventive Medicine Research Institute.

Longer telomeres may prevent the cells from aging faster and acquiring age-related medical conditions, such as various forms of malignancy, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis, mental disorder, obesity and cardiovascular disease, notes the University of California San Francisco. This positively impacts and contributes to a person's longevity.

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