Where Does the Gulf Stream Flow?


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The Gulf Stream begins in the Gulf of Mexico and flows into the Atlantic Ocean. It is a fast-moving ocean current that helps moderate the temperature of Florida and other Southeastern states. The Gulf Stream also plays a role in how a hurricane forms and strengthens before making landfall.

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The Gulf Stream is fed by water from the west coast of Northern Africa, thanks to the Atlantic North Equatorial Current. This ocean current flows through the Caribbean islands and the Yucatan Channel, which is between Mexico and Cuba. From here, this current flows into the Gulf of Mexico and then east, exits via the Straits of Florida, flows parallel to the eastern states and flows into the ocean near Cape Hatteras.

The Gulf Stream then splits into several smaller currents, including the North Atlantic Current. This current flows north into the Norwegian Current and moves along the west coast of Europe. Other parts of the Gulf Stream flow into the Canary Current, which ends south of the equator.

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