How Do You Grow Salt Crystals?


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To grow salt crystals, add salt to boiling water, pour the solution into a clean container, attach a nylon fishing line to a pencil, and hang a seed crystal in the solution using the fishing line. Place the container in a cool, undisturbed location, and cover it with a coffee filter to prevent contamination.

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  1. Boil the water

    Heat deionized water in a clean container until it boils. If the water isn't boiling, it cannot dissolve enough salt to form salt crystals.

  2. Add the salt

    Add salt to the water, and stir the solution. Continue adding salt and stirring until crystals appear at the bottom of the container.

  3. Pour into a clean container

    Pour the solution into a separate clean container. Don't transfer undissolved salt to the new container.

  4. Add the seed crystal

    Attach a piece of nylon fishing line to a pencil, and then attach a seed crystal to the fishing line. Lay the pencil across the container so the seed crystal is suspended in the solution.

  5. Cover the container

    Place a clean coffee filter over the container to prevent contamination. Store the container in a cool, undisturbed location with minimal lighting.

  6. Wait for growth

    Wait several days for the solution to evaporate and the crystals to appear.

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